Our journey began in 2014 with the vision to design and build an anti-fraud technology that can help create a fraud free world - one where no one has to care about managing risk again. After years of working in the payments industry, we experienced first-hand the challenges of fraud for e-commerce merchants.

We discovered that all existing anti-fraud solutions were built on outdated technologies and therefore not good enough to deal with sophisticated cyber criminals. Existing rule-based systems as well as classical machine learning solutions are expensive and can't adapt to new fraud patterns in real-time, hence inaccurate. Our team of intelligence and payment experts spent the last several years designing a proprietary technology from scratch - the result is an advanced Artificial Intelligence technology which can not only eliminate payment fraud but also maximize revenues.

We have been operating across the globe since 2016 and are currently responsible for tens of billions of dollars for our clients. Our products are used and trusted internationally by leading payment companies.


Chen Zamir

Founder & CTO

Chen spent more than a decade in different analytics and risk management roles including five years at PayPal. Prior to that he was an intelligence officer with the Israeli Defence Forces.

Max Laemmle

Founder & CEO

Before founding Fraugster, Max co-founded the payment gateway company Better Payment and was the product evangelist for the mPOS company SumUp.