Our mission at Fraugster is to build a completely fraud free environment for our clients

Having spent years in the e-payments sector we realized that in order to bring our vision to life, we had to design and build anti-fraud technology from scratch. We spent two years doing just that - the result is an artificial intelligence technology that helps us foresee fraudulent attacks before they actually happen.

Based in the vibrant heart of Berlin, our international team of experts comes from various academic and professional backgrounds - we are machine learning experts, historians, tinkerers, philosophers and cyber detectives.

We believe in being unorthodox when approaching complex problems. When it comes to product design and delivering code, we believe in simplicity. At Fraugster, we are truly passionate about exploring new technologies.

We are using the best tools available today to design anti-fraud and security systems with massive scale while never compromising on performance or quality. Let us worry about fraud while you do what you do best - growing your business.


Max Laemmle
Founder & CEO

Max Laemmle is the Founder & CEO of Fraugster. Before founding Fraugster, he cofounded the payment gateway company Better Payment and was the product evangelist at the mPOS company SumUp.

Chen Zamir
Founder & CTO

Chen Zamir is the Founder & CTO of Fraugster. Chen spent more than a decade in different analytics and risk management roles including 5 years at PayPal. Prior to that he was an intelligence officer with the Israeli Defence Forces.

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