Never let fraud cut into your profit margin again.
Focus on growing your business, not managing your risk.

Zero Fraud

With the Fraud Free Product you will never pay for a chargeback again. Our solution provides a conclusive decision for every transaction and will determine whether to accept a payment or not. We take over full responsibility for each analyzed transaction and will cover your losses from card-not-present fraud.

Revenue Boost

Our Fraud Free product is not just protecting you from the risk of fraud, but it will also significantly increase your revenue. Our solution is so precise that it can reduce your false positive ratio dramatically and bring your acceptance rates to new heights. To ensure that our interests are aligned you will only pay for accepted transactions.

Carefree Risk Management

We will take on the burden of fraud for your risk team. From decision making to chargeback reimbursement - our product is fully automated and doesn’t require any manual involvement from your side. The Fraud Free Product will reduce your fraud management costs and allow your risk teams to focus on other problems.


No Black Box

Our technology is completely transparent. To help you better understand your performance, we will provide a detailed explanation for every decision we make.

No Transaction Limits

Our product is global and completely scalable, no matter the size of your business. We process all major credit card payments from anywhere in the world, on any device, of any volume, at any time.

Live Insights

Use our dashboard to gain detailed information on your customer’s behavior, monitor transaction decisions and generate live reports on chargeback reimbursements.