FireAI risk management suite for risk teams

Harness the power of our AI technology coupled with our risk strategy tools and intuitive UI to catch fraud more accurately, improve approval rate and increase revenues.

AI that works for you

Stop blocking legitimate transactions with outdated anti-fraud technologies. Our AI score is so accurate, that it alone can reduce false positives by up to 30%.

Smarter decisions

Even with limited data availability, our algorithms enrich every transaction with thousands of data points to create deep understanding of shopping behavior. We translate these data points to over 500 unique behavioural attributes that let you detect fraud patterns more accurately.

Risk strategy tools

Enhance your performance beyond the AI score: write, edit, test, deploy and monitor rules in real-time, including velocity, black and white listing, live testing and A/B testing, reporting and more.


  • Flexible and highly accurate rules

    Translate your risk strategy and business logic to effective rules with over 500 attributes that reflect analysts’ most creative and granular thought processes, including velocity, bogusness, metadata, and more.

  • Rule simulation

    Test before you deploy: Run your new rule on historical data to ensure it performs as you expect, before deploying it to live transactions.

  • Users and roles

    Assign users and roles within your team to ensure the right processes and approval rights, so that your risk organization runs smoothly.

  • Black and white lists

    Use Lists to block or approve transactions coming from known emails or IP addresses, in a simple, aggregated way.

  • No Black Box

    Our technology is completely transparent. To help you better understand your performance, we provide a detailed explanation for every decision.

  • No Transaction Limits

    Fire is global and completely scalable, no matter the size of your business. We process all payments methods from anywhere in the world, of any volume, at any time.

  • Real time deployment

    Write, edit and deploy your rules and lists in real-time. Once reviewed and approved internally by your team, go-live is instantaneous.