Our solution for payment companies

Serve your entire merchant portfolio with our ONE STOP

One integration. Three products. Three new revenue streams.

With one integration to Fraugster’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform, you can now offer your merchants three different products, and open three new revenue streams for your business. With the same integration, you can also manage your own company’s risk without compromising on conversion rates. By collaborating with Fraugster, which offers the world’s most advanced AI technology, you'll be able to position yourself as an innovative and AI-driven payment company.


Payment companies

Improve your market positioning with AI technologyOpen up new revenue streamsWin new merchants and reduce churn of existing onesCater to every merchant’s risk management needs through 1-time integration with Fraugster


Minimize fraudMaximize revenuesZero integration effort

We fit your operational model

Whether you want to re-sell an outsourced solution, a managed service or a self-service product, with us you can have it all and fit the operational model and product to each merchant’s business case.Outsourced service: Fraugster manages the risk and takes liability for every approved transaction with chargeback guarantee. See FraudFree. Managed service: You manage the risk for your merchants. See Fire.Self-service: Merchants manage their own risk. See Fire or Flame, depending on merchants’ business complexity .

Smooth upselling

Switching between our products is seamless, so if your merchants’ needs evolve, you can easily upsell and upgrade them to a more comprehensive solution.