Threat | €14bn in losses

Annual fraud losses for
online merchants


Reaction | Outdated technologies

Merchants and payment
companies are installing
outdated anti-fraud techniques

Result | €243bn in lost revenues

Outdated services cause
massive revenue loss by blocking
too many good transactions


Not including customer
acquisition costs, etc.

solution | Fraugster

With Fraugster you block bad
transactions and only them.

Increase revenues by up to



Benchmark us

We’ve invented technology that detects even the smartest criminals
without blocking any good customers

Our proprietary artificial intelligence engine can foresee fraud attacks before they happen - be one step ahead of criminals!
Our technology adapts to new markets, products, payment flows or fraud trends on the fly – no manual adjustments needed.
Whether you have a few hundred or a few million transactions a day, our big data platform will return a score in less than 15ms.

How it works

  • IntegrationGet started within hours with our easy to implement plugins or API.
  • Data CollectionYou send all transaction data points to the Fraugster Engine.
  • Data EnrichmentOur Data Intelligence Service is enriching your transaction data with thousands of additional data points.
  • Fraugster EngineOur artificial intelligence engine is analyzing the behavioral pattern of the user and determines if it’s fraudulent or not.
  • DecisionYou receive a highly accurate and transparent fraud score or decision.


Fraugster is a truly unbiased third party with the highest data security standards.

As a pure anti-fraud partner we will never repurpose your
data for other services or monetization.Start now

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