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Risk and FraudRisk and Fraud

Enhanced account protection

Ensure you are dealing with a legitimate customer

Give your customers accounts takeover prevention with an additional layer of data, a unique Device ID, to validate the identity of an online buyer and enhance their score.

Be in control of the user experience by making real time decisions via Fraugster's API.

Take effective actions in real time with alerts on sudden performance changes. Fully strengthen your fraud strategies with high-grade account takeover prevention tools.

Keep track of your performance

Learn how you can benefit from Fraugster's AI platform

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Improve the accuracy of your decisions

Make more accurate approval decisions with access to a unique DeviceID that can be used for both linking analysis and AI scoring

Stolen information can be identified by real-time data enrichment that identifies inconsistencies with email addresses, shipping addresses, financial instruments and Device IDs.

Inconsistencies allow you to identify fake identities fast and in real time for account takeover prevention.

Keep track of your performance

Turn fraud prevention into a growth engine. Start approving more transactions today.

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