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Seamless merchant onboarding, portfolio management at scale.


Stand out from the crowd

Offer a range of value adding fraud prevention, compliance and revenue uplift solutions to your merchant portfolio.

Make more accurate decisions

Full Chargeback Protection

Offer your merchants full liability for all chargebacks and help them go-live in under 6 weeks.

Reduce your operational costs

Proactively identify and respond

to fraud patterns that do not yet appear in historical data using Fraugster's global data network.

Deliver frictionless customer experiences

Gain vertical specific insights

from similar transactions within your industry and region to improve accuracy and make better decisions in real time.

Protect your
portfolio from fraud

You have the option to use Fraugster products yourself, or to resell them to your merchants and partners. Serve both SMB merchants and offer bespoke solutions for enterprise merchants.

Keep track of your performance

Fraugster's solution

Offer Fraud Prevention as a Service to your merchants in a single integration



Get optimal approval rates with models trained on specific industry data

Digital goods Digital goods

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Hotels and Airlines Hotels and Airlines

Fraugster enables:

Seamless merchant onboarding

Add new merchants and onboard them to your account without delays.

Smart portfolio management

Split your traffic into groups and manage them with ease.

Sleek APIs and webhooks

Display relevant data on your application.

Transaction-level financial reports

Benefit reconciliation on scale.

Start offering Fraugster to your merchants or become a reseller today.

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What our partners say

"With Fraugster's AI, we optimize and reduce merchants fraud rates and at the same time drastically diminish rejected genuine transactions. With this we have a clear and direct impact on merchants' top line."

Turn fraud prevention into a growth engine. Start approving more transactions today.

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