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A risk management solution that fits your operations.


Scale with confidence across regions and payment methods

Manage risk yourself, with our Fraud Management SaaS, or trust our experts. Whichever option you go for you will approve more transactions and keep one step ahead of emerging fraud patterns. Enjoy the benefits of having a strong merchant fraud protection tools with Fraugster.

Keep track of your performance

Run smooth risk operations



your risk strategy before deploying it, and go live with confidence.

Act fast

Act fast

with real-time alerts on sudden performance changes.



your traffic and manage different flows to get optimal performance.

Manual review

Manual review

transactions before shipping, and for tagging and learning.

Fraugster's solution

Leverage the power of AI

Manage your risk portfolio in one place, with the support of advanced AI. Our models are adapted to your specific vertical and region, so that you get results fast. Strengthen your merchant fraud protection strategy with the power of AI.

Digital goods

Hotels and Airlines

Physical goods

Unmatched performance leveraging IP and device intelligence

Digital goods Digital goods

Get optimal approval rates with models trained on specific industry data

Hotels and Airlines Hotels and Airlines

Smooth risk operations that enable smooth shipping logistics

Physical goods Physical goods

Go-live in under 6 weeks.

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What our partners say

"Fraugster helps maintain a healthy, user friendly game economy, while increasing our partner's revenue."

Turn fraud prevention into a growth engine. Start approving more transactions today.

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