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Advanced risk management made easy

What if you could have an advanced risk management solution, powered by AI and network intelligence, that’s also really easy to use?


Start making smarter payment decisions with less manual effort

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Use a platform designed by fraud experts, for fraud experts

Make more accurate decisions

Leverage the power of advanced AI and network intelligence

Industry leading, real-time graph-network linking technology feeds into a suite of AI models, specifically trained to target e-commerce fraud and risk.

Reduce your operational costs

Make more accurate, real-time payment decisions

Custom-build your own rules using our AI score and over 2500 attributes enriched from your raw data.

Deliver frictionless customer experiences

Reduce manual efforts

Stop switching to excel to analyze your data. Access all the tools you need in one place.

Forecast future revenue and costs.

Learn how you can simulate the future impact of your AI strategy.

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Forecast future revenue and costs.
Make more accurate decisions

Manage a large risk portfolio with a small team

Our user-friendly, intuitive interface makes risk management easy for small teams and new fraud managers. No SQL or technical skills are required.

Reduce your operational costs

Access advanced analytics management tools

For complex portfolios: Access the same tools our experienced in-house fraud analysts use for deep-diving into investigative work.

Deliver frictionless customer experiences

Get support from a team of fraud-tech experts

Our e-commerce fraud-tech experts are here to support you to reach your business goals.

Stay ahead of emerging fraud

Stay ahead of emerging fraud
  • Live performance monitoring
  • Performance change alerts
  • Manual review and transaction tagging
  • Payment decision rules and rule simulations
  • Custom actions in rules
  • Score investigation tool
  • Linked transactions
  • Block and allow lists
  • Data enrichment and linking analysis
What our partners say

"Fraugster's Fraud Management SaaS has greatly improved our risk management capabilities thanks to transparent reporting and easy rule writing. Fraugster's team was always there to support us along the way."

Turn fraud prevention into a growth engine. Start approving more transactions today.

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