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Calculating trust is not an easy task. Your own data can give you a good idea of how reliable your long-time customers are. But with the current growth rate of BNPL payments, at least 30% of your customers this year are expected to be new. Accessing data from sources besides your own gives you a more accurate picture of each customer’s online spending and repayment patterns, so you can more successfully grow your trusted customer base, without increasing fraud and loan default risk. A widespread option is to acquire data from a credit bureau; however, this isn’t the right fit for your business. They rely solely on negative data and don’t take into consideration how a customer spends their disposable income. By using Alternative Credit Decisions, you will strengthen your credit scoring capabilities to increase approvals and drive revenue uplift.

Keep track of your performance
Make more accurate decisions

Make smarter decisions

Connecting to Fraugster's data lake of BNPL data empowers you to benefit from AI-driven insights by models specifically trained to assess e-commerce credit risk.

Reduce your operational costs

Reduce service denial

Fraugster accurately links single transactions into virtual accounts to identify returning customers across its network, and their payment history, so you can approve more sales with confidence. Credit risk management with Fraugster is complete and more efficient.

Deliver frictionless customer experiences

Define your policy

Get Fraugster insights in real-time, use them to feed your own models, keeping the freedom to play by your rules while strengthening your credit risk management.

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at a lower unit cost per approval, without increasing your exposure to loan defaults

A holistic data set

Real-time data enrichment allows us to analyse network attributes like entity age, total spending, and total unpaid amounts, together with transactional-level customer and device data, to build an accurate picture of e-commerce credit risk.

Keep track of your performance

A graph topography crafted to solve BNPL risk

Our proprietary graph topography allows us to add new transactions to existing entities in real-time while linking by multiple hops. This empowers you to treat existing, new, and guest customers equally.

Improved accuracy through network intelligence

Our AI engine leverages insights from virtual accounts across our BNPL network and takes into account both negative and positive history, allowing you to approve more good customers than ever while exercising better credit risk management.


from Fraugster's global data lake and network intelligence designed for BNPLs


real-time credit risk management insights specific to your vertical and region

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