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E-commerce is growing more complex every year, with a growing number of payment options and devices used. In addition, multinationalism and high mobility, as well as dedicated pick up stations different from billing address make shopping patterns convoluted and hard to identify. Outdated technologies cannot deal with such complex shopping behaviors, leading to a high rate of false positives, where legitimate transactions are mistakenly identified as fraudulent. Additionally, customers expect no hassle in their checkout process, and if faced with difficulty, abandon their carts easily and switch to another retailer, as the options are endless. Merchants are therefore faced with high losses due to both false positives and drop rate, far higher than their losses to actual fraud.


15ms per decision


Entry-level rule engine

For small scale e-commerce businesses: manage your risk with our real-time and easy-to-use rule engine. Write, edit, test, and monitor rules: the UI is intuitive, and the deployment is instantaneous.

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AI risk management suite for Risk teams

Let risk teams harness the full power of our AI technology coupled with our risk strategy tools and intuitive UI to manage risk more efficiently and accurately, improve approval rates and increase revenues.

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Outsourced risk management solution

FraudFree is currently available only through payment companies. Contact us to see how we can work with your payment company and offer you our most comprehensive risk solution.

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