At Fraugster we’ve built a proprietary technology that is made of up of three tightly-knit modules.

Artificial Intelligence Engine

Fraugster’s Artificial Intelligence technology mimics the thought processes of human analysts combined with machine scalability. With every transaction processed, the Fraugster Engine reinvents itself and changes the way it analyzes a shopper. Thanks to a continuous learning process and global live insights from merchants, we are always one step ahead of cybercriminals.

Behavioral Analytics

Our technology enriches every payment transaction with over 2,500 additional data points to gain extra insights into a shopper’s behaviour. This allows us to understand not only historical information but also the real-time context of a purchase.

In-Memory Database

To truly leverage the capabilities of our Artificial Intelligence technology we’ve developed an in-memory database. This database processes billions of data-points in milliseconds without having to rely on pre-defined segments, rules or models.


Whether you have a few hundred or a few million transactions a day, our Fraugster Engine can process any volume. Every year, Fraugster protects millions of euros worth of revenue for thousands of e-commerce merchants.


It takes our technology less than 15ms to decide whether a transaction is fraudulent or not. We provide reliable decisions in real-time to ensure a frictionless checkout process for your shoppers.


Our technology adapts to new markets, products, payment flows or fraud trends on the fly - no manual adjustments needed.


With every transaction processed, our Artificial Intelligence technology reinvents itself and changes the way it analyzes each shopper.

  • Purchase

    A shopper makes a purchase on your e-commerce website.

  • Data Collection

    You send all the transaction data points to the Fraugster Engine.

  • Data Enrichment

    In order to gain extra insights into a shopper’s behaviour, our data intelligence service enriches every transaction with thousands of additional data points.

  • Fraugster Engine

    Our Artificial Intelligence technology engine translates these data points into clear behavioral patterns and determines if the transaction is fraudulent or not.

  • Decision

    You receive a highly accurate decision in real time.


    Your data should belong to you and only you. Fraugster is purely a payment security partner and will never repurpose your data for other services or monetization. We pride ourselves on being an impartial third party with the highest security standards.